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All of my ring sizes are measured in the standard UK sizing system (Wheatsheaf) and each of my rings is 'made to order', to suit your size. 


Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; snug enough so that it won't spin around or fall off but loose enough to slide over your knuckle without being too tight or getting stuck.


This plastic multi-size ring gauge is marked with British Ring Sizes A-Z and is ideal for giving an estimated ring size, close to the "Wheatsheaf" measurements. The multi-sizer works like a belt, forming a ring and then placing over the finger, adjusted to give a comfortable fit. Then simply read off the indicated size. 


Please note however this isn't the most accurate way of finding your true ring size and does not guarantee a perfect fit. The most accurate way is to use a measuring set at your local jeweller, which is a bundle of rings made to exact ring sizes.


With this in mind, please ensure that you are confident with your size choice as I cannot be held responsible if the wrong size is ordered and a fee will be charged for resizing rings that are ordered with an incorrect size. 


Each gauge is individually packaged in an instruction envelope.

Adjustable UK Ring Sizing Gauge



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Please see our Care Information for details on how to take care of and get the best out of your item.

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