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This gorgeous shiny hammered Karma Circle Ring is a perfect reminder that Karma is simply an energy. It is our intentions, thoughts & actions. We are all creating karma every minute and the energy we generate now and in the future will affect us.


It has nothing to do with fate, reward or punishment. Karma is unbiased and it’s ours to control. What goes around, comes back around again - just like the loop of a circle, our current actions come back to shape future moments. Circles also represent friendship and eternity so it also makes a perfect gift for someone special. 


Each little Karma Circle measures approx 1.5cm and is handmade from start to finish. I start by cutting two lengths of Sterling Silver wire, soldering the ends together to form two little loops. 


The misshapen little loops are then hand forged into the perfect circles and are then hammered on both sides to create the super shiny textured effect. These are then soldered on to a plain ring band , made to your size & pickled, filed and polished.


All items come ready for gift giving in a beautiful branded foil embossed kraft gift box and will be both thoughtfully & carefully packaged.

Sterling Silver Hammered Karma Circle Ring



The most accurate and recommended way of finding your true ring size is to use a measuring set at your local jeweller. However, you can purchase an adjustable Ring-Sizing Gauge from the shop which gives an estimated ring size, close to the "Wheatsheaf" measurements.


Please ensure that you are confident with your size choice as I cannot be responsible if the wrong size is ordered.


Or for information on how to choose the perfect necklace length or for different ways to measure your ring size, please visit our Jewellery Sizing page.



By purchasing from Love, Pieces of Eight - you are confirming that you have read, understood and agree to the Item Description, Shop Policies and FAQs.


Please see our Care Information for details on how to take care of and get the best out of your item.

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