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We have joined Ecologi | A tree planted for every sale

As part of our steps towards becoming an eco friendly business we addressed the in-house things we could make changes to such as sourcing + using sustainable materials, using recyclable + eco-friendly packaging and eliminating all use of plastic. However looking beyond these small changes, we wanted to take this a little bit further and see how we could make a larger impact on the environment.

The world faces an ongoing climate crisis and we wanted to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, help support local people + create employment within the reforestation project areas and restore wildlife habitats. So today we are so excited to announce that we have joined Ecologi! Ecologi are an environmental organisation who fund climate projects (e.g. reforestation, renewables, efficient cooking stoves) to help tackle climate change. They aim to plant 1 billion trees and to support them in their mission, for every order we will donate to Ecologi to plant a tree in one of their forests!

You can track our forest progress here.

A little more about Ecologi + what they do...

You can CLICK HERE to use my link to "Gift more impact" if you would like to help support us to grow our forest or why not sign up for your very own forest?

(Also - if you use my referral link we will both receive 30 special sparkly trees!) 🌱

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