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 "The Sun sees your body. The Moon sees your soul.".


The Full Moon is said to represent the peak of clarity and high energy. It is a time for reflection and celebrating growth, but also symbolises new beginnings, creating visions or intentions and perhaps most importantly, releasing things that do not serve us.

The name Luna means "moon" in Latin and in ancient Roman mythology, Luna was also the Goddess of the Moon making this the perfect name for this magical ring.


The Moon disc measures approx 13mm and is created from a die press using Sterling Silver sheet metal which is then hand forged and hammered to give the moon effect. It is finally given a lovely darkened patina to highlight all the indentations replicating the moons beautiful cratered surface.


All my jewellery is ready for gift giving, will arrive in a beautiful foil embossed kraft gift box and will be both thoughtfully & carefully packaged.

Sterling Silver Full Moon Luna Ring



The most accurate and recommended way of finding your true ring size is to use a measuring set at your local jeweller. However, you can purchase an adjustable Ring-Sizing Gauge from the shop which gives an estimated ring size, close to the "Wheatsheaf" measurements.


Please ensure that you are confident with your size choice as I cannot be responsible if the wrong size is ordered.


Or for information on how to choose the perfect necklace length or for different ways to measure your ring size, please visit our Jewellery Sizing page.



By purchasing from Love, Pieces of Eight - you are confirming that you have read, understood and agree to the Item Description, Shop Policies and FAQs.


Please see our Care Information for details on how to take care of and get the best out of your item.

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