Naturally tumbled by nature, these colourful little gems of the coast are smoothed by the waves of the ocean for years upon years creating the most beautiful little stones.  Sea Glass starts off as shards of broken glass which were once bottles, jars, glassware, table ware or even as the result of shipwrecks and each little treasure is truly a one of a kind and unique in every way. 


All the sea glass in my collection is from some of the most beautiful British Coasts, Seaham, Cornwall & Devon and are good quality pieces. Any less than perfect pieces are left for the ocean to finish it's work. A quality piece of sea glass has a naturally formed frosted appearance, has no shiny areas and has beautifully smooth, rounded edges. 


Your ring will be custom made for you in your size with the sea glass stone you select from the grid and this will be set on your choice of either a 2mm plain, beaded or hammered band. Please leave a note at checkout with the piece you would like.


The measurements of the sea glass varies per stone, but to give a rough idea most are approx 10mm x 12mm. I can give you the exact measurements of your chosen stone if you message me with your selection.


I have also shown the sea glass options in different lights so you can see the colours and how beautiful they are, at any time of the day.


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